Full of Joy! 

April was truly an eventful month in Bon Repos!

It began with a visit from Sisters Sylvette and Noelene to our Marie Jotillon community, the JMC Centre and Bon Repos.  It was an opportunity for them to see our present reality and future possibilities.

Sr Sylvette also visited Cerdon to commemorate our 200th Anniversary and met some Cerdon friends along the way.  In the Marist corner of the Church, before Our Lady of Cerdon, we prayed in thanksgiving for past graces. With a candle to light our way, Sr Sylvette asked Mary to continue to care for the future of our Congregation.

Back in Belley, Sr Marie Emmanuel, “Manu” began to celebrate her 100th Birthday on April 26th.  Several days of celebration continued with the residents in the Bon Repos, many friends, including people who volunteered with her in Senegal.

The community from Rue Sala came for a Unit meeting with Sylvette and of course, for another celebration of Manu’s 100th Birthday!

Among the gifts received at the Unit meeting was a surprise gift for all:  the beautiful, newly printed Constitutions and Statutes.

Needless to say, that in April, the sisters in France experienced JOY!  It is not every day that you hear the clear, strong voice of a 100 year sister singing with all her heart Edith Piaf’s song’ : “Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien …I have no regrets!!!

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