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Snapshots from West Africa

First Communion (Fajikunda, Gambia)

Sister Mariana NDecky prepared 136 children for their first Holy Communion. The preparation lasted for 8 months and on the 2 June 2024, on the feast of Corpus Christi, they received Jesus for the first time in their lives.

The choir sang some parts of the Mass and they did the rest. It was a beautiful and solemn celebration. The church was filled with people from all over the Diocese. We continue to pray that all the children will continue to experience Jesus in their lives

Parish Feast Day (Fajikunda, Gambia)

On the 9 June 2024, the Parish of St Charles L’wanga gathered at St Charles L’wanga Lower and Upper Basic School to celebrate the feast of St Charles, our patron saint which is on the 3 June.

Srs Innocence, Mary and Mariana with some St Martha’s girls went very early that morning to do the decorations. The youths on the other hand were there to arrange the chairs and put things in place.

At 10:00 the Celebration began with the Mass. After Mass, everyone stayed behind for the feast. We spent the whole day as a parish community. There were other guests from other parishes who came to support us. It was beautiful and full of fun.

Aid to those in need (Senegal)

A day like no other. In June 2024, CARITAS Pari provided food kits to many migrant families to help them celebrate Tabaski (the Muslim holiday). Muslims).
Thanks to this initiative, these families will be able to mark this important holiday with dignity and serenity. Caritas is committed to supporting migrants from a variety of backgrounds, offering them essential help and support towards better integration. assistance and support to help them integrate.
These actions are made possible thanks to the ongoing generosity of our partners who share our support for a more inclusive future. our support for a more inclusive and united future.

Sewing Class in Primary School (Farafenni Gambia)

At the Saint John the Baptist parish centre (Gambia), sewing is entrusted to our sister Denise K. She is happy to put her gifts at the service of humanity, to promote the empowerment of young girls and to face the challenges of model making.

She welcomes curious onlookers who ask her: “Do you only sew the nuns’ clothes? Or can we also bring our own fabrics? She was happy to share with the kindergarten children what she does during their craft recognition class, and she entrusts this new ministry to the Lord, as well as the young women under her care.

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