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Meeting of Marist Leaders

In France, it is a well-established custom for the leaders of the four Marist branches to meet once or twice a year, each accompanied by his or her assistant: SMSM: Athanasie and Hélène; Marist Brothers: Gabriel and Xavier; Marist Fathers: Kevin Duffy; Marist Sisters: Marie-Thérèse and Christiane.

This year’s meeting was held at our home in Lyon, rue Sala, with a Mass at the home of the Marist Fathers, our new neighbours. It was good to share news, questions and projects with each other. The Fathers and Brothers are preparing for their General Chapters. The SMSM, two years after us, are implementing the decisions of their own General Chapter.

Challenges are everywhere. The challenge of internationality is a general one. In fact, Srs Christiane and Marie-Therese were the only French members of the group! Our religious families are also all faced with ageing and declining numbers. Yet we are filled with joy and hope, and this fraternal time was a comfort to everyone. So we parted with the date of a future meeting in our pockets, determined to continue moving forward together as a Marist Family, at the service of our brothers in the Church and the World of today.

Fr Kevin sm – Br Gabriel fms- Sr Marie-Thérèse sm – Br Xavier fms – Sr Athanasie smsm- Sr Christiane sm – Sr Hélène smsm

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