CELEBRATION OF THE 70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CRB (Conference of Religious Men and Women of Brazil)

The CRB’s jubilee year is being celebrated with a national congress. The 70th anniversary of the National CRB is an invitation for religious to unite in gratitude, renewing their commitment to their mission to serve and promote hope for a better world. The Jubilee year wants to be a space of living memories, where mysticism and prophecy intertwine, impelling the CRB to continue its tireless work, always inspired by the love that remains and flourishes in every heart consecrated to this noble cause.

In an atmosphere of celebration and joy, men and women religious from all over Brazil gathered from 30 May to 2 June for the 70th Anniversary Congress in Fortaleza, Ceará. The event was prepared with great care and creativity and its theme was “Memory, Mysticism, Prophecy and Hope”.

To celebrate this significant moment, the National CRB has carried out various preparatory actions, such as reflective lives on the theme, a magazine telling the story of the Regionals and the creation of a special website for the Congress, among other initiatives.

At the official opening of the event, a special message blessing religious life sent by Pope Francis to the Conference of Religious of Brazil (National CRB) on the occasion of the institution’s 70th anniversary was read out. In the message, Pope Francis expresses his gratitude for the tireless service and life witness of the men and women religious of Brazil, highlighting the important role they play in evangelisation, promoting social justice and caring for those most in need.

Herosina, Fátima and Regina took part in this congress.

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