Aotearoa-New Zealand

Celebrating the “Work of Mary”

On 30 May, Sisters Jane Frances O’Çarroll, Catherine Lawson, Lorraine Campbell, Margaret Vaney and Patricia Sarju joined Sr Seini Fatai and the Marist College community in their Patrons House Mass.

Fr Mark Walls sm was the main celebrant and Fr Marchellino Park, the parish priest/school chaplain concelebrated the lovely mass.

In Fr Mark’s homily, he used imaginary events which involved each House patron (Colin, Chavoin, Champagnat and Chanel) coming into the school to see how the “Work of Mary” was being lived out.

Jeanne Marie Chavoin, for example, noticed the good work going on in Mary’s way and wondered if there were some young women among the eight hundred present who might have the courage to further Mary’s work as Marist Sisters. 

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