Where are we/Ministries

First Community in Australia (1907)

Just as Jeanne-Marie Chavoin and Marie Jotillon left home and family in France in 1817 and WHthe long journey to Cerdon ‘to begin the work of the Blessed Virgin’, so Mother Melanie and Sr. Cyrille set out from Fiji and Sr. Odilon from France, to begin a new mission in Australia in 1907.

It was fortuitous that on the 30th December, 1907, two ships arrived in Sydney Harbour within a very short space of time. One was the ‘Navua’ from Fiji with Mother Melanie and Sr Cyrille on board. On the other, the ‘Australien’, from Marseilles was Sr Odilon, the third member of the new community to be set up in Sydney. With her was Sr Helen who was to replace Sr Cyrille in Fiji.

Why was Sydney chosen for a new Marist Sisters’ foundation? The Marist Sisters first went to Fiji in 1892. Soon after the coming of the Sisters to Fiji, there was talk of the need for the Sisters to start a house in Sydney.

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Our Current Ministries

  • Health and Aged Care
  • Parish Ministries
  • Catechetics
  • Justice Areas:
    • Refugees
    • Anti-Trafficking
    • Advocacy in various areas.
  • Supporting and Fostering of the Marist charism e.g in Marist schools
  • Marist Laity involvement
  • Outreach:
    • Communication with people through visiting, phone, emails, letters
    • Presence with and support to fellow residents in residential aged care
    • Praying with and for people, for our world, Church and all creation
    • Parish Ministries