Formation Process


The initial period of formation is known as aspirancy. With the guidance of a nominated sister, the aspirant visits, prays and celebrates with a Marist community as she grows in her awareness of her call and begins to discover how religious life is lived as a Marist.

This experience is then deepened during pre-novitiate when the young woman lives within a Marist community.

The time of pre-novitiate varies but lasts for at least nine months. 

It is during the two-year Novitiate period that the young woman is formally initiated into Marist Life. She sets aside her usual work/ministry and undertakes a period of human, spiritual, theological and Marist formation. Novitiate formation may take place in your own country or in another country with other woman seeking Marist life.

If the Novice is accepted for Profession she takes vows of chastity, poverty and obedience initially for up to three years, thus entering into a period of temporary profession.