The Marist Family

Society of Mary

  • The Fathers’ Branch (SM) was the first to receive papal approval in April 1836. Their founder was Jean-Claude Colin;
  • The lay branch known as the Third Order received papal approval in 1850;
  • The branch of the Marist Brothers (FMS) founded by Marcellin Champagnat was approved by the Holy See in 1863;
  • The Marist Sisters (SM) received papal approval in 1884. Their foundress is Jeanne-Marie Chavoin;
  • The Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary (SMSM) came into being when women from the lay branch went on mission to Oceania. The pioneer was Françoise Perroton. They received papal approval in 1931.
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Jean-Claude Colin Jeanne -Marie Chavoin Marcellin Champagnat Françoise Perroton