Where are We/Ministries

The First Community in the Philippines (1998)

On July 23, 1998, there was an orientation and retreat in Tutu, Taveuni, Fiji for Veronica Lum and Torika Catherine Wong as they prepare for their new mission in the Philippines. Jane Frances O Carroll facilitated this orientation. On August 15 the Feast of the Assumption was the missioning Eucharist for Veronica and Torika.

Torika and Veronica arrived in the Philippines on Tuesday, August 25, 1998.

The second arrival was Teresia Raione on August 13, 2000. With Teresia’s arrival, they now became a community of three sisters. From being a reference person Torika now becomes the Community Leader, Veronica continued as the Community Bursar, and Teresia is the Vocation Promoter.

The story of the founding community in the Philippines will be uploaded in August 2024.

Our Current Ministries

  • Youth – abandoned, at-risk  and homeless,
  • Women and families. – street women, women at risk and their families