Relationship with Mary

Charism and Spirituality

Marists take Mary as their model. By a “gracious choice”, we are called to follow Christ, to live the gospel in Mary’s way, in a Congregation which bears Her Name. They endeavour to “think, judge, feel and act ” as Mary in all things.

Mary was present at the birth of the Church as its support. She wishes to be present today through us who believe that the name ‘Marists’ was given to us as a favour and as a task which calls upon us to do Her ‘work’ in gathering the whole world to her Son, and being touched by God’s mercy, become united – one in heart and mind.

Both Fr Colin and Jeanne-Marie Chavoin were inspired by the vision of Mary ‘as the mainstay of the new-born Church and its support at the end of time’. Mary’s image as a simple believer in the new-born Church was the model that our Founders took for Marists in every age.